Is it really worth it?


According to wisdom, a good reputation and many good relationships are more valuable than Gold. I struggle with this concept only because we live in a world that is controlled by the mighty dollar. However, we learn that the people around you will be the key factors in how much of that money you keep and how much you lose. Relationships and the people around you also play a big part on the level of happiness and stress in your life.

Many people have adapted the mindset that doing business with family is taboo. This is a concept that confuses me. Not the concept in general, but the idea of so many people trying to help friends and family in business but not getting the results of satisfaction so frequently that it has created an unspoken law that friends, family, and business should not mix. If you can’t trust your friends and family with your business, who can you trust? What makes you trust a stranger more than a loved one? Why does your friend and loved one respect your business less than a stranger would? These are all real legitimate questions I have towards the concept of not mixing friends and family.

Lets dwell on these questions and concepts and find a way to bring the family together.

Peace and Love

thank you for your valuable time.


Wayne Lyons II

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