Self Love

This is something that can only be found from within! Regardless of your location or destination,. You can be out at sea, traveling through the jungle, walking trough the city, or relaxing on a resort… the joy and beauty of discovering your self worth will never fulfill the desire we need as human until you come to realize you were created to love yourself! When you love yourself, ultimately you are loving God, the one who created you! Only then will all anxiety and worry leave your spirit and you can embrace the comfort of satisfaction in the completeness of yourself. Until you reach that point, you will continue to travel on a journey of discovering who YOU are and revealing your true purpose. Always remember, your true purpose is finding out your True self. At that point all things will become clear, and your reason for being placed on this earth will start to make all the sense in the world. Love yourself and build up the beauty from within. Your views of the world will change once the views of yourself are understood.

Peace and Love!

-Wayne Lyons II



2 thoughts on “Self Love”

    1. Amen! As we continue to walk in the faith, the flesh will be led by the spirit! A stronger spirit is required to lead the flesh to safety! Stand on the word of God and his TRUTH will set you free!


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