Health = Wealth

When was the last time you ran a mile? When was the last time you broke a sweat? When was the last time you got your adrenaline pumping to the point where you felt a natural high? How often in a week do you exercise? Even if you don’t make it to the gym, in your normal week day, do you take the time to get active and do anything exciting enough to get your heart rate jumping? These are a few things I would like to talk about in today’s topic of health = wealth.

Many people view wealth as having a ton of money and having fly accessories and many material things to show for it. Me however, I view wealth as a person who is mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy. How do you become these things, and why do they matter you might ask. These three simple health components are the prime causes of a great and balanced life. For the people with a million dollars and poor health, think about it, how happy do you think they really are? How many times have you seen it where top notch celebrities with all types of money end up losing their life and all of their material wealth because they were not able to keep a balanced healthy life.

When I mention the three simple components, Mental, Physical, and spiritual health, I mean having a peace of mind, physically working out, and praying or meditating to master the balance of all three components. When you are lo stress, and high self esteem, it is easy to walk about the world feeling accomplished about what ever you set out to do for that day. The chances of you becoming depressed or irritated to the point where you might make a bad decision, are cut down drastically. When you go to the gym or decide to create a workout space at home, you put your body at an equilibrium as you get your heart rate pumping high enough to allow your brain to function at its full capacity. working out physically allows your body to release all the stress and pollution that clogs it from the work that you do and the food that you eat. Working out is the most natural detox your body is built to perform. Daily prayer and meditation is also one of the three key components and in my opinion can be the most important of the three. Having a connection and understanding of the life outside of the physical realm will open up the wisdom and focus needed to keep you on the path of maintaining balance in the other two categories. It allows you to have a higher sense of belonging to something that can get you through any situation, good or bad, and allow you to have a calm joy that will never leave you. With the mixture of these three components, you are bound to remain happy, make good decisions, and find yourself in successful positions. Try it today, work it into your schedule daily to do each of these three things. You will then begin to understand the philosophy of Health = Wealth. Each day when you go to sleep, make sure you wake up the next day as a better person.

Have at it, and give me feedback on your thoughts and experiences. This can be an interactive blog because we are in it to win it together. Lets continue to motivate each other and put our best foot forward so we can make this world the beautiful place it was designed to be. img_0043

That’s all for now, Peace and Blessings!


Wayne Lyons II

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