The Key🗝

Love Conquers All

We walk in order left foot after right foot , or right foot after left foot…however you like to view it! Perspective is all that matters. Following the wind and resting in energy. Find a place that brings you peace and happiness, within that lies a blessing. Your plans are never greater than God’s plan for you. When your focus is in alignment with the ultimate creator of the universe, left after right or right after left will lead you to paradise! When you don’t focus on the energy and power from above, your feet tend to move backwards and not forward. When we live moving forward, we find LOVE! However, when we put that in reverse we get what we don’t need… EVIL! Let’s move forward and LIVE in LOVE with a SMILE and LAUGH! These things do something to our spirit and soul! Like the food we eat, it’s a nourishment to our physical lives…Smiles and Laughter are also nourishment, spiritual strength for your soul! These simple task can be the difference between a soul living in LOVE or EVOL.

Have Peace and Love!

God Bless!

-Wayne Lyons II

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